Administrative Services

Board Relations: Meet with the Board of Directors periodically to review financial reports and discuss upcoming goals and activities for the Association. Prepare Management Reports.

Declaration & By-Laws: Review, interpret and modify the Associations governing documents in accordance with the Board of Directors objective.

Rules & Regulations: Guide the Board with the development or update of rules and regulations along with enforcement procedures. Creation of door-tag templates, letters and follow-up.

Correspondence: Prepare and distribute Association correspondence and notices. Develop and maintain effective complaint procedures. Respond to inquiries in a timely manner.

Annual Meeting: Prepare agenda and coordinate notices as per Algarve Statute requirements, mail proxies, ballots, voting certificates. Conduct annual meeting and elections as per by-laws and state regulations.

Board & Special Meetings: Prepare agenda and coordinate notices as per Algarve Statute requirements, post agenda, attend monthly meetings and assist in the preparation of minutes of the meeting.

Insurance: Review insurance coverage and present recommendations. Negotiate competitive coverage options for the Association. Assist in processing claims related to the property.

Office Services: Maintain central business office for the Association. Answer phone calls; greet owners and vendors on behalf of the Association.

Record Maintenance: Maintain current records including resident and unit owner information, contracts, insurance information, accounting records, and a vast variety of other miscellaneous official records for the Association.

Association Approvals: Prepare Association application package for potential buyers and tenants. Run nationwide criminal background checks and credit reports. Forward packages for Board approval. Implement screening process to familiarize residents with current rules and regulations. Execute notarized approval letters if required. 

Legal: Facilitate legal counsel assistance in appropriate matters. ie: Collections, suits and more.

Energy Conservation: Analyze and propose energy conservation measures.

Newsletter: Assist the Board of Directors in the creation of an Association newsletter.

24/7: Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days per week for emergency services.

Financial Services

Bank Accounts: Establish operating, reserve and other bank accounts as required. Secure competitive interest rates for money markets and CD’s. Current relationships with financial institutions that provide our clients zero bank fees to the Association, free payment coupons, free checks and deposit slips. 

Collections: Implement and enforce collection of monthly assessments and other charges. Maintain follow-up action on all unpaid assessment or fees. Forward accounts to the attorneys for collection.

Rental Demands: Prepare tenant demand letters for accounts whose owners are delinquent in assessments. Post three-day notices and forward files to attorney for eviction if req.

Resident Ledgers: Keep accurate records of homeowner’s receivables.

Budget: Prepare annual operating budget for review and approval by the Board/Association. Assist the Board to focus on long-range capital replacement reserve schedule and assist with the preparation of reserve study.

Invoices: Review all vendor invoices, enter and pay in accordance with the approved budget. Provide copies of all bills and invoices paid from the Association’s account.

Financial Statements: Prepare monthly financial statements showing total monthly and year-to-date activities by line item. Include copies of bank statement, reconciliation, balance sheet, profit & loss, check register and collection reports. Review and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Audits: Assist the Association’s outside accountant/auditor in performing the annual audit and federal income tax preparation.

Monthly Assessment: Secure lock box service provided for the Association’s accounts receivable.

Property Services

Inspections: Conduct inspections of Association common areas including property grounds, equipment and other facilities. Inspection report of the property including recommendations will be given to the Board of Directors.

Resident Relations: Respond to maintenance request, concerns, suggestions, complaints or questions in a prompt and systematic manner by courteous staff, trained to provide excellent customer service. Follow up with maintenance request and work orders created. 

Major Maintenance Project Management: Arrange for outside professional consultant (when needed) to prepare specifications for projects. Obtain competitive bids and super see all of the Association’s projects.

Personnel: Available part-time or full-time maintenance employees for the Association upkeep.

Preventive Maintenance: Provide a preventive maintenance program for the buildings and grounds. Coordinate scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities with employees/vendors and create a performance schedule for all common elements.  

Vendor Supervision: Supervision of routine and special projects conducted in the property.

Life Safety: Preparation for annual fire code inspection if required.