What owners say about Pureza Properties

Doing business with Pureza Properties was our best decision from the last 10 years. We love our villa, but we always had to bring money to keep it. But now, we can enjoy it a lot when we are in Portugal, because the maintenance is on a very high level and also the rental income is double from what we had before. It’s really our best decision from the last 10 years. Thanks so much!

Casa Al GharbAnonymous

We have met Arvid during our Chistmas holiday. We were struggling with the maintenance and with the rentals. We have had such a nice conversation and we decided to go for it and give Pureza Properties the exclusivity for the rentals and they also do our villa management. Directly from the beginning, the feeling was so good. Many small improvements were done directly and after the season, bigger upgrades will be done. They saved our property, otherwise I had to sell it, but fortunately we met Pureza Properties.

Casa Sacha
Casa SachaAnonymous

Pureza Properties is managing our villa from the moment we have bought it and they also do the complete rentals for our villa. We have such a good occupancy and happy clients, we can not expect anything else. The staff is friendly, accurate, transparent and super nice to work with.

Villa Vale a PenaAnonymous

We have stayed a few years ago in the villa for our holiday. 1 year ago, the property came on the Real Estate market and I bought the property directly. Me and my family are in love of it. We have started with the rentals already and Pureza Property did everything for us. Check-in and out, cleaning, gardening, pool maintenance, etc. Now we started with a big renovation work and they keep me informed very well and they spend so much time to make eveything perfect. I’m so happy to have found a company which I can trust, when I’m not there.

Quinta Verde
Quinta VerdeAnonymous